Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So I wasn't very good at finishing my cruise post. It's way too hard to upload 5 million pictures. Anyway, it rocked. Listening to my i pod while I was getting ready today I heard this song. I'm definitely not Katy Perry's biggest fan, but that song kinda rocks. It was a song I'd workout to, until I saw this.... Um, hello thanks for ruining my favorite song.. every time Teenage Dream comes on my i pod all I can think of is are his AWESOME facial expressions and the heart he makes with his hands. Well, then I saw him on Chelsea Lately and he kinda melted my heart a little. Since then the little man has been busy for example with 50 cent. So, even though he ruined the only Katy Perry song I liked I now look forward to seeing what he's done next. He really makes me laugh!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Our first port was Cozumel, Mexico. I guess the port was called Puerta Maya.. or..that's what the sign says... It was so green and beautiful!

(Nate and I)

(Darci and I)

(view from the ship)

We rented jeeps and explored the island...

(see the blow hole in the background?! So COOL!!)

After we drove around for a while, we found this awesome beach to hangout at. We snorkeled and also swam out to this huge trampoline. It was a blast!! We also enjoyed chips and salsa and guacamole. Pretty sure I could have stayed there until now and be happy!

(delicious?? (the food.. not me haha)..yes!! jealous?? I am!)

(awesome trampoline.. little freaky to swim out to)

(Yes, I lay and roll around in the water..Does anyone else love the beach as much as me? )

(dad and I)

(Christopher and I)

(This may or may not be weird and slightly inappropriate, but climbing inside of it sure made me laugh)

(look how blue the water is!!!)

(the whole gang)

CAUTION: This life jacket is to be used as protection for the picture below.. if you're swimming in the pool & spot these two beauties you may drown. The old lady slipped into that pink number like 5 minutes after we first boarded the ship.. and her hairy hunky husband.. YES PLEASE!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I heart vacation...

In November I went on the BEST vacation of all time!! Mind you before I left I had to work eleven, 10 hour shifts at work... That's 110 hours of sitting in front of a computer wanting to rip my hair out!! Thankfully I survived.. my reward.. 7 days aboard the Carnival Glory. Totally worth it...
( first view of the ship...I was sooo excited I could have wet my pants)
It had been so cold at home and seemed the day to leave would never come, it did and it could not have been better. On Sunday we left from Miami and began our journey on the big blue wet thing.
(leaving Miami)

It was fun watching all the people lined up on the road waving as we departed... pretty sure they were jealous Our first night we walked around the ship and relaxed. For dinner I had this...

... oh how I wish I had a slab of ribs in front of me right now! Monday was a day at sea I hung out on one of these all day..

this was my view...

Isn't it beautiful? Blue sky and blue water my favorite!! Monday night was one of our formal nights. So after laying in the sun all day we got dressed up for dinner. I had been sooo excited to put on this black dress.. Many thanks to one of my favorite stores Ross for the great deal $12.99 baby..(random piece of info I got 3 awesome dressed for less that the regular price of 1!! YAY!!!)

(family + Wes)

(attempting my wind blown hair model shot. haha)

(my face looks a little freaky.. I've got 1 red eye.. weird. shortly after this picture the sun was gone!!)
Off to dinner I went... It was wonderful... I had this for dessert..

Chocolate Melting Cake.. TO DIE FOR!!! I actually had it every day except one for dessert (yes it was that good). It only came with one scoop of ice cream, but was so so so rich I had to ask for more. That's all for now...

Monday, January 10, 2011


So the last time I did this... was also the first time. haha Good news though.. I'm gonna give this another shot. I promise to do better! Many thanks to Miss Emily Jones for walking me through this :) So... here we go!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


So I decided to join the good 'ol blogging world.... instead of stalking blogs I'll try to post! I know all 2 of you will be very excited to be able to follow my every move... ha ha.. Anyway, most things make me laugh, but when I saw this I just about died!!Can you guess which one is mine??? haha
Until next time!